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Experience 900 years of history, all in one place!

Get a glimpse into medieval Roskilde under the city’s central square Stændertorvet, in the unique and hidden underground ruin of Saint Laurentius Church.

Then continue your trip through history up the winding stairs in the old church tower, which has acted as both prison, town hall tower and as a sentry for the city watchmen.

Be rewarded at the top of the tower, with one of Roskildes best lookouts.

Opening hours 2024

January 1st – June 14th: Closed

June 15th – September 15th: Mon-sun, 10 am – 4 pm

September 16th – October 13th: Closed

October 14th – October 20th: Mon – sun, 10 am – 4 pm

October 21st – December 31st: Closed


Entry: 40 kr. for adults. Children 0 – 17 free

Be aware:
Saint Laurentius Church is unfortunately not suited for wheelchairs.


Sankt Laurentius
4000 Roskilde
+45 23608018

Sankt Laurentius

Wares with history

Th Victorious Christ which is seen on the picture, is a reproduction of a piece of silver jewelry found in an excavation near the town of Kirke Hyllinge

It shows the crucified Jesus Christ, but rather than being hurt and suffering, he looks strong and victorious. This motive is known from other places in Denmark as well and and is characteristic for the transition from Viking Age to Medieval Age, which took place in Denmark in the 11th and 12th century AD.

Find more jewelry with history in our webshop, where you will also be able to find books, clothings, toys and much more!

Be aware: The Webshop does not have an english translation, and is in danish.


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